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  1. Periodic inspection (check) should be carried out:
    • once in every 2 months for normal batteries
    • once in 6 months for maintenance free batteries.
  2. Make sure the batteries are not topped up with acid, electrolyte, tap or mineral water.
  3. Top-up with Distilled water only.
  4. Over filling of battery should never be allowed.
  5. Electrolyte level should never come below the upper level of plate.
  6. Periodically check output voltage of the Alternator / Inverter, to ensure no over or under charging.
  7. In automotive batteries, battery cable clamps/lead wire should be properly fitted. The battery should be secured firmly on the cradle.
  8. Battery should be kept clean and no grease should be applied on its terminal, only petroleum jelly is to be used.
  9. The service record with warranty card should be duly filled while servicing the battery.
  10. Ensure that battery is not exposed to extreme heat or moisture.